City Government

Hayward water use climbing

November 14, 2017

After years of drought-inspired saving, water use is increasing in the Bay Area. In Hayward, it is running about 16 percent above a year ago at this time.

The uptick started in the warmer-than-usual summer, and following Gov. Jerry Brown lifting the drought state of emergency. The change points to a relaxation of conservation practices citywide, and is reflected in higher draws on the San Francisco Hetch Hetchy system, the main supplier of water to Hayward.

For Hayward utility customers, higher water use is showing up in higher bi-monthly water and sewer bills. In parallel, effective Oct. 1, sewer rates and water-meter service fees have both increased. For the average customer, the rate increase by itself should be less than 4 percent.

The city and state are maintaining and expanding a number of conservation programs to help Hayward utility customers save water and, along the way, reduce water and sewer bills.

You can learn about water-conservation rebates, free water conservation devices for the home, water-efficient landscaping, and other water- and money-saving tactics and tips by visiting the City of Hayward website.