Police Department

Recent tow operations lead to nearly 150 vehicles removed from roadway

March 28, 2023

Some of our patrol teams participated in several tow operations to remove vehicles that were reported by community members as abandoned or illegally parked.

With many requests to address the community concern surrounding abandoned or illegally parked vehicles, we understand this is a priority for those who live and work in Hayward.

Some of the reasons cars can be towed while parked on a public roadway include the following:

-Parked for over a 72-hour period without being moved
-Registration that is expired for six months or longer
-Parked blocking a roadway, driveway, and/or fire hydrant
-Obviously abandoned vehicles with cobwebs, flat tires, or evidence to suggest the car has not moved for an extended period
-Recovered stolen vehicles when the car is not operable, or the registered owner cannot be contacted or respond to take the car within a reasonable amount of time

To report an abandoned vehicle, please submit an Access Hayward request or contact our abandoned vehicle hotline at: 510-293-5140.