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Traffic stop leads to gun and suspected narcotics recovery

June 20, 2023

One of our officers pulled a driver over for a moving violation and saw that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During this interaction, the driver also shared that he had a handgun and drugs inside the car.

The driver was ultimately placed under arrest. Low and behold, a search of the car yielded a loaded handgun, suspected drugs (including suspected cocaine), and drug sales paraphernalia.

Reminders from this investigation:
-Please report if you see someone you suspect is driving under the influence.
-If you plan to consume alcohol or drugs, stay home, or arrange for a designated driver or use a ride sharing app.
-While personal consumption of marijuana is legal in California, there are still laws for legal transportation that must be followed.
- It is against the law to sell marijuana and other drugs.
-It is also against the law to carry a loaded gun in a car without proper permits.