Police Department, Public Safety

Officers recover loaded handgun inside a residence during search warrant related to domestic violence incident:

July 3, 2023

Officers received reports of an estranged relationship in which the ex-boyfriend had previously been seen with a handgun, made threats to harm her male friends, and refused to stop communicating with her after they broke up.

Officers responded to speak with the ex-girlfriend after receiving reports the ex-boyfriend had returned to her home again. The man left before officers arrived, but he was found a short distance away moments after the incident was reported. The man was detained but a gun was not found inside his car.

Officers authored and executed the search warrant of his home and found the loaded gun previously seen. The man, a convicted felon, was taken into custody for gun related charges, making criminal threats, and making harassing phone calls.

Domestic violence related incidents are some of the most dangerous calls officers respond to, and we are grateful this was resolved peacefully.

With that, some may not feel safe reporting that they have been a victim of domestic violence and allow the cycle to continue and potentially escalate. If you or someone you know is being victimized, please report it to your local authorities.