Youth Trash Capture and Watershed Education Project

The City of Hayward has received an $800,000 US EPA grant to partner with local school groups to educate youth about the impact of trash on the environment.


The grant will be used to reduce trash by installing stormwater trash capture devices, assessing trash sources, and implementing trash reduction initiatives.

Who are the partners?
The City is partnering with the Hayward Unified School District, local private schools, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, Hayward Youth Commission, California State University East Bay, East Bay Regional Park District, Hayward Promise Neighborhood, Chabot College, Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task Force, Alameda County-Wide Clean Water Program, and the Eden Area YMCA.

What will be in the curriculum?
Students grades 1-6 will receive a watershed stewardship curriculum in partnership with the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD). Students grades 7-12 will have an opportunity to assist with trash capture design, trash collection and the installation of a trash capture device. In addition, there will be an annual contest where students take photographs of trash, post them on social media, and receive cash prizes.

Which schools are participating in the project?
All schools grades 1-12th both public and private are invited to participate in the project.

What is a stormwater trash capture device?
A trash capture device is an engineered structure that filters stormwater, removing trash from the water and allowing clean water to flow to creeks and to our Bay.

How can I be involved in the project?
If you have children in Hayward schools, talk to your teachers and principal to request their participation.

How long will this project last?
The project is scheduled to last from summer of 2015 to summer of 2019.

Project Contact: Elisa Wilfong, 510-881-7960,

Elisa Wilfong

Download a PDF about the Youth Trash Capture and Watershed Education Project.

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