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East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is our new local power supplier providing a cleaner, greener, and more affordable choice for electricity. EBCE began serving non-residential customers in June 2018 and residential customers in November 2018. Check out ebce.org/about/ to learn more.

In December 2016, the City of Hayward joined ten other cities in Alameda County and the County of Alameda to establish a joint powers authority to form East Bay Community Energy (EBCE). The cities of Newark and Pleasanton did not join initially and the City of Alameda is served by its own electric utility. The EBCE Board of Directors meets regularly and meeting packets are available at ebce.org/meetings/.  

Community Choice Energy, also known as Community Choice Aggregation, allows public agencies to purchase electricity on behalf of their community members, instead of relying on PG&E to both procure and deliver energy. The goal of a CCE is to have more local control over a community's source of energy, which can lead to cleaner, greener, and more local electricity. Pacific Gas & Electric Company will continue to provide customer billing, transmission, and distribution services.

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