Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)

Lower B Street on a sunny day


The Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) is a critical planning, policy, and implementation document that supports the City’s efforts to improve the safety of its transportation infrastructure for all modes and for people of all ages and abilities. The plan uses the Safe System approach to identify ways the City and its partners can protect all roadway users. The Safe System approach involves anticipating human mistakes by designing and managing road infrastructure to keep the risk of a mistake low. By using a data-driven analysis of Hayward’s traffic collision data, the LRSP identifies the High Injury Network of roadways and intersections in Hayward and recommends safety emphasis areas and countermeasures to improve traffic safety.

Vision Zero is a local, national, and international movement to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, which is at the core of the LRSP and aligns with larger statewide and national efforts to reduce fatal and severe injury crashes to zero. The LRSP has been designed with the ultimate goal of eliminating traffic deaths and severe injuries on the City’s roadways by 2050. By adopting the LRPS in June of 2023, the City committed to achieving the goal of Vision Zero by 2050.

The Local Road Safety Plan will receive periodic updates in the future, anticipated to be every three to five years, when new traffic safety data is available.

Questions about this project? Contact: Deputy Director of Public Works, Kathy Garcia: Kathy.Garcia@hayward-ca.gov


June 27, 2023 - City Council Meeting

Adopt a Resolution Adopting a Local Road Safety Plan

April 19, 2022 - City Council Meeting

Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Professional Services Agreement with Kittelson & Associates, Inc., for Transportation Planning Services for Development of the City of Hayward's Local Road Safety Plan, Project 05738, in an Amount Not-To-Exceed $90,000

Oct. 19, 2021 - City Council Meeting

Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Accept and Execute a Funding Agreement with Caltrans for the Local Road Safety Plan Funding Program