Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project (Phase 2 & 3)

The City of Hayward is in the process of making major improvements to Mission Boulevard as part of the 3-phase Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project. Phase 1 was completed in March, 2013. Phase 2 will make improvements to Mission Boulevard from Industrial Parkway south to the City limit near Blanche Street. Phase 2 construction will start at the end of March 2018. Phase 3 will make improvements to Mission Boulevard from A Street north to the City limit near Rose Street. Phase 3 is currently in the design phase. The project takes a complete streets approach with the goal of enhancing the road for all users. The project includes:

  • New Pavement
  • Adaptive Traffic Signals to improve traffic flow
  • New sidewalks, bike facilities, enhanced crosswalks and wheelchair ramps to improve pedestrian/bicyclist safety and convenience
  • LED street lighting
  • Installation of drought-resistant trees
  • Improved signage

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