State Route 92/Clawiter-Whitesell Interchange - Phase 2

Map of project location

The City of Hayward, in cooperation with California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is proposing to upgrade the State Route 92 (SR 92)/Clawiter Road interchange. The proposed upgrades would be the second phase (Phase 2) of the “SR 92/Clawiter-Whitesell Interchange and Reliever Route Project". When completed, the project would provide a local reliever route between SR 92 and Interstate 880 (I-880) to improve access to and from the industrial area north of SR 92 and west of I-880, improve local circulation, and relieve congestion on major arterials in the area.


Phase 1, completed in 2017, was comprised of local street modifications which included the widening of West Winton Avenue at the Hesperian Boulevard intersection, signal phasing modifications, and widening and extension of Whitesell Street between Depot Road and SR 92. 

The western portion of the city (Hayward Industrial Technology and Innovation Corridor (HITIC)), which mostly comprises of industrial, manufacturing, and office parks, is constrained by limited truck access due to prolonged congestion periods on several major arterials, such as Winton Avenue, Clawiter Road, Depot Road, SR 92, and I-880. Improving the SR 92/Clawiter Road interchange and access to the HITIC would encourage more economic development and aim to improve local circulation. Additionally, the improvements would include increased bicycle and pedestrian access and connectivity across SR 92 at the Clawiter Road interchange, including access to regional recreational facilities nearby.

Project Timeline:

The schedule below outlines the timeframes for the subsequent project phases with an anticipated project completion in 2033 (funding permitting).


























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During the next phase of project delivery, Environmental Review, the City will work closely with Caltrans, Alameda CTC and other stakeholders to refine and evaluate the benefits of each alternative, and to identify the alternative that best meets the project goals. The public will also have opportunities to provide input during the next phase of the project development.


The first step in Caltrans project delivery, called the Project Initiation Document (PID) was initiated in spring of 2023 with funding from Alameda CTC Measure BB and City of Hayward Local Funds.   The purpose of the PID phase is to define the project’s objectives and identify a reasonable range of alternative concepts to help establish the general scope of the environmental studies and engineering reports necessary to comply with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the next phase of delivery. 

As part of the PID, the City developed a set of reasonable alternatives to meet project goals, address existing deficiencies, and constraints of the project site. In June 2023, staff presented the current alternatives to the Hayward Council Infrastructure Committee (CIC) which provided further input to be considered in development of the project.  The planning level project cost estimates range from $76 million to $176 million (2023 Dollars).

The project is currently funded through the planning/scoping phase and is actively seeking additional funding for the preliminary engineering/environmental phase.

Preliminary Concept—Combined Whitesell Street and Clawiter Road Interchange:

Preliminary Concept – Combined Whitesell St and Clawiter Rd Interchange

The graphic shown above highlights one concept under consideration that reflects the proposed overall change in character of the SR 92 crossing. This preliminary concept combines Whitesell Street and Clawiter Road into one interchange, keeping the existing westbound access to/from Clawiter Road and adding a new eastbound access to Whitesell Street. This would include a new overcrossing structure over SR 92 at Whitesell Street providing up to four-through lanes, two in each direction, cycle track bikeways, and sidewalks on both sides. Breakwater Avenue, the frontage road along the north side of SR-92, would be realigned or modified. This option has the smallest footprint, is cost-effective, scalable for future growth, and would significantly improve local and interchange traffic operations and access.  

Project Contact: 

Senior Transportation Engineer, Byron Tang: (510) 583-4784 or

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