Sanitary Sewer Connection and Septic Tank Removal Checklist


For new sanitary sewer connections to the City's sanitary sewer main, please use the following checklist as guidance for the requirements.

  • Existing septic tank systems, if applicable, must be properly abandoned, per the requirements of Alameda County Department of Environmental Health (ACDEH), prior to connection to the City sewer main. Submit an application for a septic tank removal through ACDEH: .
  • The following City of Hayward permits and/or applications are required. Applications can be submitted at: :
  • ►Submit an application for an Encroachment Permit.

    ►Submit a Water and Sewer Application, pay sewer connection fees, and upload proof of payment for the Alameda County Septic Tank Removal Application. Paper applications can be requested and submitted in person at Hayward City Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much is the sewer connection fee?

For more information regarding sewer connection fees, please visit: or call (510) 583-4722.

2. Can I get the Encroachment Permit before paying the sewer connection fee?

No. The sewer connection fee must be paid prior to encroachment permit issuance.

3. Can I apply for the Septic Tank Abandonment, Encroachment Permit, and Water and Sewer Application at the same time?

Yes, all applications can be applied concurrently. At a minimum, proof of payment of the Septic Tank Removal Application needs to be provided with the Water and Sewer Application in order to be approved.

4. Who does the sewer connection to the City sewer main?

The property owner is responsible for making the entire connection, from the City's sanitary sewer main (which requires an encroachment permit) and the entire lateral to the property.

To view this information as a PDF, click the link below.

Sewer Connection and Septic Tank Removal Checklist