Lots of promises but no guarantees. Before you make up your mind on Measure_, read the fine print: "unrestricted general revenue purposes" means City Hall can use this tax to pay for anything they want.

All the safeguards and oversight don't change the fact that there is no guarantee this money will be used for city services. In fact, if you vote yes on this tax, most of the money will probably be used to pay for pensions for retired City Hall bureaucrats.

This IS an ongoing tax. EVERYONE, including seniors, who are selling their homes in Hayward will pay this tax. This tax does increase the cost of living for Hayward's newest residents including first-time homebuyers.

Help put Hayward on the right track to a sustainable future by telling City Hall to deal with its spending problem before it asks for more money.

Vote NO on Measure_.

s/Sofyan Karim
Hayward resident