Hashtag Hayward Grant Program


About the Grant

The City of Hayward Economic Development Division is introducing a new initiative designed to help local small business leverage the power of social media to build their brand, grow their customer base and increase sales. 
With more and more consumers using social media to discover new products and brands, the new initiative, called Hashtag Hayward, is offering grants to businesses to transform their spaces in ways that encourage customers to share their experiences through posts, tags, hashtags, and reviews. 
This grant program is designed to provide financial support to businesses eager to enhance their physical locations and elevate their social media presence. Starting at $10,000, the grant aims to help businesses make improvements that resonate with their audience on various social media platforms. 

Grant Funds

Grant funds can be used across these categories: 
  • Interactive Murals and Sculptures: Collaborate with local artists to create engaging murals and sculptures, turning your space into a selfie-worthy haven. 
  • Window Lighting and Façade Enhancements: Illuminate your business with eye-catching LED or neon lighting, or add visual interest with front façade murals or graphic paint. 
  • Corner Building District Identity: Showcase the unique character of your commercial district with vibrant murals on corner buildings. 
  • A-Frame or Blade Signs: Promote your business to pedestrians in the downtown district with new, visually appealing signage. 
  • Seating, Wayfinding, and Center Lighting: Enhance the overall customer experience by updating your commercial center. 
  • Improvements to Social Presence/Website: Allocate funds to boost your online presence, connecting with a broader audience. 
Through Hashtag Hayward, the City Economic Development team also will connect businesses with local social media influencers to explore potential promotional collaborations and with local muralists available to help transform spaces to make them social-media ready. 


Eligible businesses must:
  • be located in Hayward
  • have an active commercial storefront
  • hold a valid, current business license
  • must be in good standing with the City of Hayward, meaning they are free of any outstanding fines or unresolved code enforcement actions and
  • have not previously received funds through other American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded economic recovery grant programs with the City of Hayward.

How to Apply

Applications for the Hashtag Hayward grant are now closed as of February 23, 2024.
Applications may reopen if funding is available.
For questions regarding your appilcation, please email econdev@hayward-ca.gov