There's one thing that the lone individual registering opposition to Measure _ didn't tell you: he's a real estate agent and landlord with a special interest in protecting his profits over Hayward's quality of life. 

In contrast, we speak for Hayward homeowners and residents. 

Here are the facts:

FACT: Measure _ is about two things: maintaining vital city services that Hayward needs and protecting our quality of life - without impacting residents' daily cost of living.

FACT: Hayward is one of the Bay Area's most affordable home-buying communities. Measure _ will not change that.

FACT: This fee will be collected only once-when you buy or sell property. (It's a drop in the bucket compared to typical real estate agent fees.)

FACT: Measure _ will directly benefit Hayward residents and the services we value most:

  • Pothole repairs and street maintenance
  • Adequate rapid-response times for 911 medical, fire and police emergencies
  • Neighborhood and police patrols
  • Fire protection/prevention services
  • Reducing traffic on Hayward city streets
  • Extended library hours

FACT: Measure _ MANDATES taxpayer protections. All funds stay IN Hayward FOR Hayward. None of this money can be taken to Sacramento. Independent audits and regular public reporting ensure proper spending. 

Hayward continues to move forward every year, becoming a more desireable place to live. This is happening because our city and community are taking steps together to grow responsibly and pay attention to protecting Hayward's quality of life. let's keep the momentum going. 

Stand with us. You'll be in good company.

s/Judith Harrison
President, Friends of Hayward Library
s/Julius C. Willis Jr.
Board Member, Eden Shores Homeowners Association
s/Minane Jameson
Vice President, Fairway Park Neighborhood Association, HARD Director
s/Randy J. Wright
Block Captain, Neighborhood Alert - Hayward Hills
s/Elisa Márquez
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hayward, Lifelong Resident