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Input sought on update to Hayward Tree Preservation Ordinance

The Stack e-Newsletter: November 2023

November 14, 2023

photo of B street, a residential street lined with houses and trees along them.

The City of Hayward is seeking public input as it prepares to update its ordinance governing the preservation of trees on private property and their contributions to environmental protection, neighborhood aesthetics and quality of life.

The Hayward Tree Preservation Ordinance aims to protect and preserve significant and beneficial trees and control their re-shaping, removal and relocation, while also recognizing the rights and interests of owners of property on which trees are found.

The ordinance defines which trees are protected under the ordinance and sets forth responsibilities, requirements and guidance for the preservation, care, removal, and replacement of protected trees, including a permitting system and appeal process.

Violations of the Tree Preservation Ordinance can be charged criminally as a misdemeanor and are punishable by fine.

As part of the ordinance update, the City is reviewing tree preservation ordinances and urban forest programs of nearby cities and considering additions covering the planting and preservation of trees near Hayward Executive Airport to avoid potential air traffic hazards.  To learn more—including a link to an online survey for providing input—visit the project page here to the City of Hayward website.