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Hayward announces first Youth Achievement Hall of Fame inductees

Recipients of Youth Achievement Awards to be recognized at City Hall at Nov. 14 City Council meeting

November 9, 2017

HAYWARD, Calif., Nov. 9, 2017—The City of Hayward announced today the recipients of its first Youth Achievement Hall of Fame awards, which recognize accomplishment in academics, arts, athletics, community service, innovation and leadership, and for heroism.

“Our young people are an inspiration, and their stories are a reminder of the heart, smarts, passion, bravery and creativity of our community and its youngest members,” said Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday.  “We congratulate the award winners, and look forward to honoring them next Tuesday.”

The 2017 Youth Achievement Hall of Fame Award recipients are:

  • Mandeep Ladhar, for academics
  • Eileen Syrop, for arts
  • Shyh Lynn Saenz, for athletics
  • Andrew Hui, for community service
  • Desmond Vinson, for heroism
  • Ashley Sinn, for innovation
  • Alassandra Eiras, for leadership

Established by the City Council earlier this year, the Hayward Youth Achievement Hall of Fame is open to young people age 5 to 19 years old, who can be nominated by any parent or other family member, teacher, coach, mentor, youth leader, family member, neighbor, friend or other sponsoring adult.  Nominees must live in or attend school in Hayward.

The deadline for nominations for each new calendar year is July 31.  Nominations are accepted in seven categories—academics, arts, athletics, community service, heroism, innovation and leadership.  Award selections are made by a three-member ad hoc Youth Hall of Fame committee of the City Council.

For more information and to find complete rules, guidelines and award-category descriptions visit the City Council Youth Achievement Hall of Fame website or call (510) 881-7956.

Nomination profiles of the 2017 Youth Hall of Fame awardees and inductees can be found on our website.

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