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Hayward Executive Airport Announces New EV Charging Station

May 13, 2015

(HAYWARD, CA) – Electric vehicle drivers now have one more charging option in Hayward; the City has expanded its network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with a new station at the Hayward Executive Airport. The ChargePoint Level 2 charger, deployed at the Airport’s new administration building, was installed as part of the City’s initiative to construct environmentally-friendly “green” facilities.

The station is part of the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project, a grant program funded by the California Energy Commission, which will install 152 EV charge ports throughout the Bay Area in high-priority areas that relieve known EV charging congestion hot spots, and known gaps in the Bay Area’s charging network.

“Electric vehicles are growing in popularity because they’re clean and increasingly cost efficient. Adding to our already significant charging infrastructure makes it even more convenient for drivers to make this choice,” says Frank Holland, City of Hayward spokesperson. “It’s a great compliment to the airport administration building; whether you’re driving your Tesla to your private jet or taking your Nissan Leaf to Home Depot right next door, people now have a convenient recharging option.”

The Bay Area Charge Ahead Project is a region-wide collaboration led by the California EV Alliance with partners, the Bay Area Climate Collaborative, a program of Prospect Silicon Valley.

“The Bay Area is the nation’s leading regional EV market on a per capita basis,” says Richard Schorske, Executive Director of the California EV Alliance. “Reaching our regional goals of 100,000 EVs on the road by 2020 will result in over $100 million going into the local economy that would otherwise go out of the region and state for petroleum.”

There are nearly 40,000 plug-in vehicles and 2,500 charging spots in the Bay Area. EV sales have grown steadily in California, exceeding the rate of adoption compared to conventional hybrids when first introduced.  In 2014, EV sales accounted for 5.2% of auto sales and are expected to grow according to state and independent projections. Battery costs—the most significant component of PEV costs—are estimated to decrease by up to
50% or more by 2020. The adoption of EVs in turn results in significant local economic value as a dollar saved at
the gas pump and spent on the other household goods and services creates sixteen-times more jobs than a dollar spent on refined petroleum product according to the California Electric Transportation Coalition.

ABM is assisting all BayCAP sites with the installation, project management and maintenance of charging stations. ABM is the largest EV supply equipment (EVSE) installer in North America, and is a distributor and warranty service provider for ChargePoint equipment nationwide.

Based on current public charger utilization and vehicle growth rates indicate the new stations will likely yield significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions benefits. Over 10 years the BayCAP infrastructure may result in nearly
11M kg CO2 avoided directly attributable to the electric vehicle miles traveled (eVMT) generated by the stations. In addition, the eVMT will yield the additional reductions in other criteria pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.


About the City of Hayward

The City of Hayward was one of the first cities in the Bay Area to adopt a Climate Action Plan. One of the primary goals of the Climate Action Plan is to enhance the health and sustainability of all who live and work in Hayward. Hayward, the third-largest city in Alameda County, is home to California State University East Bay, Chabot
College and a vibrant, culturally diverse population of 149,000. Strategically located halfway between San Francisco to the north west and San Jose to the south east, Hayward is known as the "Heart of the Bay,” offering easy access to recreational opportunities, cultural activities, commerce and employment.

About California EV Alliance

The California EV Alliance promotes the mass adoption of EVs in California by developing EV-friendly policies, programs, and resources at the state, regional, and local level. The Alliance brings together public-private partnerships to accelerate development of EV charging infrastructure, build EV awareness, and plan for the EV transition, in alignment with the state’s goal to ensure that 80% of all vehicles are electric drive by the year

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