Hayward Council votes to establish Renewable 100 as City’s new default electricity product

July 27, 2021

At its July 6 meeting, the Hayward City Council voted to select Renewable 100 as the new default electricity product for East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) customers in Hayward. The action was taken in response to EBCE’s 2020 announcement that Brilliant 100, the 100 percent carbon-free and current default product in Hayward, will sunset on Jan. 1, 2022.

The vote was between two products: Bright Choice, a product slightly cheaper than Brilliant 100, with higher emissions, and Renewable 100, a 100 percent renewable energy product with a modest rate increase.

With Renewable 100, the overall monthly increase for most customers will range from 3.5 to 5.1 percent, with the average residential account paying an additional $4 to $5 per month on their electricity bill. Renewable 100 is sourced entirely from wind and solar energy produced in California, supporting the City’s long term greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Conversely, selecting Bright Choice as the default electricity product for all customers would result in an estimated 0.4 to 0.6 percent reduction in customer bills, but an increase of up to 19 percent in citywide greenhouse gas emissions, setting Hayward back significantly in its emission reduction efforts.

Given the modest cost increase and substantial environmental benefit, the City Council voted 6 to 1 to select Renewable 100 as Hayward’s new default EBCE electricity product. In January 2022, all Hayward accounts (excluding those customers participating in income or medical-related discount programs and those who previously selected Bright Choice) will be automatically enrolled in Renewable 100.

Changing Your Default Electricity Product. Customers may opt down to the Bright Choice product on the EBCE website at any time. Customers also can choose to opt out of EBCE and return to PG&E-supplied electricity on the same webpage. For more information on changing your default electricity product, visit the EBCE website or call EBCE at 833-699-EBCE (3223) to speak with a representative directly to learn more about your options. To change your service plan, you'll need your PG&E account number. 

Enrolling in Discount Programs. There are several programs available to help reduce the cost of your electricity and natural gas bill. The CARE Program provides low-income customers a 35 percent discount on their electric bill and a 20 percent discount on their natural gas bill. To learn if you qualify for the CARE Program and how to enroll, click here. Residents who need a medical device to treat ongoing medical conditions may qualify for the Medical Baseline Program. To learn if you qualify for the Medical Baseline Program and how to enroll, click here. For more information about energy bill discount programs, visit