City Government

Sanctuary city declared

January 9, 2018

The City Council voted in June to declare Hayward a sanctuary city, formalizing existing policies against police and other city personnel being used to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

The declaration affirmed city policies requiring equal access to services and equal treatment of all residents, regardless of immigration status.

The Council made the declaration at the recommendation of a special Community Task Force, which was appointed in January after the 2016 national election and in response to community concerns about the local impact of anticipated changes in federal immigration enforcement and policies.

As part of its work, the Task Force undertook a program of public outreach and interviews, and deliberated over a period of nine months on ways to build trust and participation in civic life across all population groups.

Its final report, the Commitment for an Inclusive, Compassionate and Equitable Community, was formally received by the Council on Nov. 28. It is intended to serve as an update to the city’s 1992 Anti-Discrimination Plan and can be found here on the city website.