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East Bay Community Energy Recruiting for Community Advisory Committee

February 10, 2017

East Bay Community Energy Authority (EBCEA) is now taking applications for community members to serve on the Community Advisory Committee. Applications are due by 5 pm on February 21, 2017. EBCEA is looking for a diversity of members who represent all areas of the County.

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In late 2016, the Alameda County and eleven of its cities formed a Joint Powers Agency called the East Bay Community Energy Authority to govern the new Community Choice Energy program. The Hayward City Council voted to join East Bay Community Energy on November 29, 2016.  One elected official from each of the participating jurisdictions makes up the voting members of the Board. Councilmember Mendall is the voting member from Hayward.
The Joint Powers Agreement calls for the formation of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) made up of nine (9) members of the public. The Chair of the CAC will have a non-voting seat on the EBCEA Board. The CAC co-Chair will act as the Committee’s alternate Board member.
Role of CAC members:
  1. Advise the Board of Directors on all subjects related to the operation of the CCA Program as set forth in a work plan adopted by the Board from time to time, with the exception of personnel and litigation decisions, 2) Represent the views of your constituencies in your comments and decision-making;
  2. Serve as an information-channel back to your colleagues and communities; and
  3. Help us identify issues of concern and opportunities to educate about CCE in Alameda County
Application Criteria: 
  1. Residents, business owners, employees or representatives of a community-based organization in the County of Alameda are eligible for membership.
  2. Applicants should be committed to serving on the CAC and attending regular Board and planning meetings. Board meetings may take place twice monthly until the program is launched, and then may be no more frequent than once per month. Meetings will generally take place in the early evening hours. Planning meetings will be determined by the CAC. Members of the CAC will serve staggered four-year terms (the first term of three of the members shall be two years, and four years thereafter), which may be renewed.

Questions: Please call or email Bruce Jensen at 510-670-5400 or for more information.