Bad Weather - High Winds and Rain

Brianne Elizarrey | February 9, 2017

Winter storm season is officially upon us! For tips and helpful information on how to handle and prepare for the stormy weather headed our way see below. 

At Home: 
- Check roof drains and down spouts to make sure they are clear of debris. 
- Keep leaves and yard trimmings out of storm drains and gutters. 
- Don't store hazardous materials in areas that may be subject to flooding. 
- Store emergency supplies (first-aid kits, medicines, cash, food, water, flashlights, batteries etc.) in air-tight containers & keep them in a location that is easily accessible. 
- Sign up to receive storm impact emails and updates through the City of Hayward Website (

While Driving: 
- Slow down. Increase your following distance. Slick roads, wet brakes & reduced visibility can lead to collisions. 
- Grip the steering wheel with both hands to maximize vehicle control. 
- Defog your windows. Rain can cause your windshield to quickly fog up, so use the front & rear defrosters to maximize visibility. 
- Avoid standing water on roadways. You can hydroplane & lose control or impair other drivers' vision by splashing through puddles. 
- Don't use cruise control. It can cause your car to accelerate when hydroplaning. 
- If your car begins to hydroplane, Take your foot off the gas & keep the wheel straight until your car reclaims traction. 

Additional helpful tips and information: 
- Sandbags continue to be available for Hayward and Fairview residents only (with valid ID Indicating proof of residency) and can be picked up in front of the City’s corporation yard at 24505 Soto Rd; we ask that each resident take no more than (12) bags. The supply of bags is constantly monitored and replenished based on need. 

- For any drainage or flooding related issues residents are encouraged to contact the Streets Division at 510.881.7745

- For incidents of downed trees and limbs, residents can contact the Landscape Division at 510.583.8906

- Contact HPD dispatch at 510.293.7000 to report incidents of after-hours flooding or any tree related emergencies. Crews are on standby and ready to respond 24 hours a day. 

- For serious emergencies, such as downed power lines, please call 911.