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Hayward testing nursing home residents and employees for coronavirus infections

April 22, 2020

HAYWARD, Calif., April 22, 2020—The City of Hayward is providing coronavirus testing of nursing home residents and employees by dispatching mobile teams of specifically trained firefighter-paramedics from the City’s COVID-19 Testing Center and at the Center itself, the City reported today.

The testing takes place in coordination with the Alameda County Department of Public Health and has been occurring over the last three weeks following the March 22 launch of the Testing Center by the Hayward Fire Department.

The City is disclosing the testing activity to provide greater awareness of its role in responding to COVID-19 disease in nursing homes—both in Hayward and beyond.

“On behalf of our city government, I want to say we are heartbroken by the infections, suffering and deaths of nursing home residents and employees in Hayward, and all over the region, state and country,” Mayor Barbara Halliday said.

“One important thing our city staff has been able to do is offer our testing capability to long-term care facilities throughout Hayward and in other areas of Alameda County to help county health officials slow the rate of new infections,” Mayor Halliday added.

Thus far, the testing has taken place at seven homes and among employees at their work site or at the Hayward COVID-19 Testing Center, which is now located at Cal State University East Bay.

In addition to providing COVID-19 testing, Hayward Fire Department firefighter-paramedics respond to 911 medical emergency calls at nursing homes—and securely share critical care information with relevant county authorities while maintaining the privacy of residents and staff.

The City of Hayward does not publicly disclose the specific nursing homes or information on infection rates of residents and workers where COVID-19 testing is conducted.

Inquiries about COVID-19 infection rates in nursing homes should be directed to the California Department of Public Health, which is responsible for nursing home licensing and oversight.

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