Tennyson Thrives Vision Plan

Tennyson Thrives is a collaboration between community members, City staff, and the Chabot College Student Initiative Center to create and implement a dynamic Vision Plan for the neighborhoods along the Tennyson Corridor.

Tennyson Thrives

Be Part of the Visioning

We need your input! There are several ways to participate in the visioning process:

Story Map

Vision Plan Timeline

Vision Plan Timeline

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Palma Ceia Fest 2018

Thank you to eveyone who joined the Palma Ceia Fest on July 28! It was an amazing turn out and show of support for the neighborhood. See some photos here.

Needles in the HayStack Art Exhibit

Thank you to eveyone who participated in community-inspired art exhibit at Hayward City Hall from May 21-31, 2018. The art, which was the culmination of interviews with dozens of community members and 50 community-based organizations, unveiled the dreams, aspirations, and concerns of South Hayward residents. We will be showing parts of the exhibits at locations around Hayward over the next year. Sign up for our email list above to get updates.

Needles in the HayStack