Huntwood Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Project

Project Overview

The Huntwood Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Project will involve redesigning the two-mile stretch of Huntwood Avenue between Tennyson Road and Whipple Road so that it is safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. The project will involve repaving and restriping the roadway so that it includes such traffic calming improvements as protected bicycle lanes and a single vehicle lane in each direction. It will be implemented at no additional cost to the City, as it is part of the larger Fiscal Year 2020 Pavement Improvement Project

Review the Redesign Concepts

Click below to view the concepts currently being considered for the four stretches of Huntwood Avenue that make up the two-mile project area. The feedback window on the redesign concepts is now closed.

Huntwood Ave from Tennyson to Copper
Huntwood Ave from Folsom to Olympic
Huntwood Ave from Copper to Folsom
Huntwood Ave from Olympic to Whipple


The project will be implemented over four phases:

Phase 1: Feedback Due [August 31, 2020]

In Phase 1, we will be soliciting feedback from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. 

Phase 2: Begin Paving [September 2020]

While spot-pavement repair is targeted to begin in August 2020, repavement of the entire roadway is expected to begin in September. Depending on the public input garnered during Phase 1, the proposed design concepts may also be altered during this Phase.

Phase 3: City Council Consideration [September 29, 2020]

Staff will present a summary of all the feedback received during Phase 1, as well as the final striping design proposal to the City Council.

Phase 4: Repaint the roadway [October 2020]

Pending approval by the Council, the roadway is expected to be repainted with the new design in October 2020.