Supplemented Inspection Program

A construction inspector holding a checklist

As a convenience to our customers and a means of providing greater flexibility and a more efficient and consistent level of inspection services, the City of Hayward’s Building Division would like to offer contractors or developers with the opportunity to participate in the Supplemented Inspection Program.

The Supplemented Inspection Program provides an option for a contractor or developer to request a dedicated Building Inspector to be assigned to their project for an allocated time period in either half day or full day increments.

The inspector will remain on site for a predetermined amount of time that best fits the project’s needs, and will operate as an agent for the City of Hayward’s Building Division, under the direct supervision of the City Building Official or his/her designee.

All fees related to the compensation of the assigned Building Inspector via the Supplemented Inspection Program, will be in addition to any costs already incurred through the permitting process.

The City will provide the applicant an estimate for a minimum of 3 months’ service, based on the number of hours requested, and hourly rate of the inspector. Estimated fees will be pre-paid by the requesting party into an account that will be debited to pay for the Building Inspector, and administered by city staff. Should the account decrease to an amount that is less than two month’s charges the contractor or developer will be notified and may exercise the option to provide additional funding, or terminate the service.

Requests to terminate the Supplemented Inspection Program services must be provided to the Building Division, in writing a minimum of 10 business days prior to desired termination date.

Any fees remaining in the account designated for the Supplemented Inspection Program will be refunded to the applicant after all invoices related to the project have been processed.

The Supplemented Inspection Program will be offered and developed on a case by case basis pending the availability of qualified inspectors as determined by the City of Hayward’s Building Official.

The fees for the time slots purchased will be based on full cost recovery of the inspector’s time which are subject to market conditions.

The City of Hayward will reserve the right to terminate this program at any point, and all unused fees will be refunded to the applicant.

For further information please contact the City Building Official at (510) 583-4153.