Residential Rent Stabilization

The City of Hayward encourages investment in local residential rental housing by allowing landlords to make a fair return on their real estate investments while also protecting the welfare of its residents who are its tenants.

A man and a women signing a rental agreement

The Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO) aims to help with housing problems caused by lack of housing and rising rents.

The RRSO creates laws about:

Rent protections:

• Allowable rent increase

• Dispute resolution process (Rent Review)

Tenant protections:

• Harassment and retaliation

• Just cause for tenant eviction

• Stopping bias about sources of income (including Section 8 vouchers) 

Learn more:

To view the City's Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO) (Ordinance No. 19-12), please click here to be directed to the City's Municipal Code. Select Chapter 12, Article 1 once you have been directed to the website.  For a summary of the RRSO, please click here