Residential Rent Stabilization

The City of Hayward encourages investment in local residential rental housing by allowing landlords to make a fair return on their real estate investments while also protecting the welfare of its citizens who are its tenants. The Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO) aims to help with housing problems caused by lack of housing and rising rents.

The RRSO creates laws about:

Rent protections:

  • Allowable rent increase

  • Dispute resolution process (Rent Review)

Tenant protections:

  • Harassment and retaliation

  • Just cause for tenant eviction

  • Stopping bias about sources of income (including Section 8 vouchers) 

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To view the City's Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO) (Ordinance No. 19-12), please click here to be directed to the City's Municipal Code. Select Chapter 12, Article 1 once you have been directed to the website. 

For a summary of the RRSO, please click here

Latest News:

FREE Educational Workshops Explaining the New Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO)

The City of Hayward is hosting free educational workshops on the recently amended RRSO. The workshops are tailored to information for tenants and landlords; however, the workshops are available to the general public and are not limited to tenants and landlords. Spanish translations services will be available. The next workshop will be led by Project Sentinel and will focus on the Just Cause for Eviction section of the RRSO. 

Registration for these workshops will be available soon! Until then, please mark the dates on your calendar, then check back soon for the registration links.

For Landlords: Just Cause and Navigating the Termination Process                            Thursday, December 12, at Hayward City Hall from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

For Tenants: "Just Cause" Protections and Understanding the Eviction Process           Thursday, December 12, at Hayward City Hall from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm