Response to Tenant Petition:

After the tenant files a petition, the City will provide the landlord a copy. Mediation will be set within 30 days after a petition is accepted. Mediation can be waived if both landlord and tenant can agree. Landlord has until 5 days before the schedule mediation to provided documents in response to the petition. Please use this response form.

View the steps of the rent review process for tenants for more information on expectations for tenants during the rent review process.


Landlord Petition:

A landlord can request rent review to determine allowable rent increase above 5% for the following reasons: 

  • To determine a rent increase necessary to obtain a fair return on investment; or
  • To determine the proper amount of a capital improvement pass-through

After filing a petition, the City will provide a copy of the petition to the tenant. Mediation will be scheduled unless waived by the landlord. If an agreement cannot be reached in mediation, the City will schedule a date for arbitration. 

Complete a Landlord Petition Form and submit it to the Rent Review Office of the Housing Division, located at 777 B Street, 4th Floor, Hayward, CA 94541; telephone (510) 583-4454; You can also review the steps of the rent review process for landlords for more information.  

Fair Return

Landlords are assured a fair return on their property and rental income. As a landlord, you can request rent review to determine the proper amount. You can raise the rent enough to ensure that their income covers their costs and they receive an increase in profit.  This does not include cost related to loans or capital improvements.

To file for a fair return increase, please submit a Landlord Petition Form along with the Fair Return Schedule B Form.

Capital Improvements

Capital improvement is work done to the property that:

  •  adds value to the property;
  •  extends the life of the property; and
  •  benefits the tenants. 

Additionally, capital improvements include earthquake safety and energey efficiency.

Landlords may only impose a pass-through to recover half of the cost of capital improvement. The amount must be approved by the City of Hayward. Landlords can ask the City of Hayward to review before they start the work.The work must be complete and paid for before the City will give a final approval. Rent review for capital improvement pass-through must be started within 2 years of finishing work. A capital improvement pass-through is not considered rent so the landlord can give both a 5% rent increase and a 5% capital improvement cost pass-through. Capital improvement pass-throughs must be removed after the end of the pass-through period.

To file for a capital improvement pass-through, please submit a Landlord Petition Form along with the Capital Improvement Schedule A Form.