Medical and adult use cannabis


Over the past several months the City has been taking steps to ensure proper and legal implementation of adult and medical cannabis business regulations. The Hayward City Council adopted ordinances 17-13 and 17-15, establishing the rules and procedures for selecting and regulating cannabis businesses as well as the specific land use regulations which dictate where certain types of cannabis businesses may locate within the City limits.

At this time, the City will be allowing the following types of cannabis businesses:

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Delivery
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Retail Dispensary (limited to three establishments citywide)

Each cannabis business will need to secure a Commercial Cannabis Permit as well as the appropriate land use permits in addition to securing the proper state licenses prior to operating.

Information regarding the Commercial Cannabis Permit process can be found here:


Information regarding the Land Use Permit process can be found here: 

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Commercial Cannabis Permit Administrative Rules

The following administrative rules apply to the Commercial Cannabis Permit Program

Important Information and Related Documents:

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