Every year, the City gives away bags of compost in partnership with Waste Management. WM EarthCare Homegrown Compost™ is made from Bay Area yard trimmings. It carries the industry’s seal for excellence. Learn more at www.wmearthcare.com. All Hayward households and multi-family property managers can pickup four one-cubic-foot bags of Compost while supplies last. 

Event Details

Date: November 5, 2022

Location: The parking lot of the former Skywest Golf Course at 1401 Golf Course Road in Hayward 

Start Time: 7:30 am

End Time: When compost runs out (approximately 10:30 am)


1. Signed Product Waiver

A product waiver must be signed to take receipt of the compost. Attendees are encouraged to bring a signed copy of their waiver with them and should be prepared to hand the document to a staff person through their car window. Download the waiver at www.hayward-ca.gov/compost.

2. Proof of residency

Attendees must bring their driver’s license or a current Waste Management bill as proof of residency.

3. Mask

 Because attendees will need to roll down their car window to provide the signed waiver, masks are required. 


Call 510-583-4700 · Environment@hayward-ca.gov

Former Skywest Golf Course
1401 Golf Course Road
Hayward, CA