California State Route 238 Corridor Lands - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Master Plan process take?

The design team has already begun gathering information and meeting with staff and members of the public. The tentative project schedule estimates that the Master Development plan will be presented to City Council for their review in the Fall of 2018.

Will the public be involved in the master planning development process?

Public involvement is an essential component of the development plan process. The design team has incorporated community engagement to each stage of the project process including, but not limited to, public hearings, community meetings, and conversations with stakeholders.

What are the City’s goals with this development?

By facilitating the design and sale of these parcels, the City of Hayward hopes to ensure that the development plans conform to the City’s current land use policies and overall vision. This level of oversight will allow the City to integrate key strategic priorities while increasing the city’s tax revenue base through the development and sale of these properties.

Will there be affordable housing?

The development plan will adhere to the City’s affordable housing ordinance and provide a mix of housing stock, per the City Council’s Strategic Initiatives.

Who will be the developer for these projects?

Selecting developers for the parcels will be done through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process once Council has approved the overall Master Development Plan.

How will this development affect the adjacent homeowners?

Some of the parcel groups have homes that are publicly owned next to homes that were previously sold by Caltrans to private owners. The homes sold to private owners, outside of the City’s negotiated Purchase and Sale Agreement with Caltrans, will remain with the current homeowner and are not included in the Master Development plan