Hayward water customers continue to do their part to conserve water, which has resulted in the City purchasing an average of 27% less water from June through October, as compared to the same time in 2013.

The official hose of 2015

This level of conservation continues to be over three times the mandated conservation level assigned to the City. The Governor’s April 1 Executive Order (B-29-15) directed the State Water Board to impose restrictions to achieve a statewide 25% reduction in potable urban water usage beginning in June, as compared to the amount used in 2013. Urban water suppliers across the state have been assigned a conservation standard between 8% and 36%, based on their residential gallons per capita. Given its very low residential per capita consumption, the City was placed in the lowest assigned tier, requiring an 8% reduction.

Beginning June 1, total monthly water production (or, in Hayward’s case, total monthly water purchased from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) is compared to the same time in 2013. The Water Board will track water use on a cumulative basis from June 2015 through February 2016. To assess compliance, conservation savings will be added together from one month to the next and compared to the total amount of water used during the same months in 2013.

Monthly Water Consumption

Water production in September saw an apparent increase which resulted in just a 3% reduction as compared to the same month in 2013. City staff has thoroughly investigated the water usage increase and the anomaly appears to be related to a meter reading by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), as the City’s internal meter reading records do not reflect such an increase. For example, if the SFPUC meter was read a few days early in August and then read on schedule in September, the August usage would appear abnormally low and the September usage would appear high.

With the City’s water production in October being 27% less than during the same month in 2013, the total cumulative water reduction during the reporting period has been calculated at 27%, far exceeding the required 8% reduction. The continued exemplary conservation efforts of Hayward water customers are to be commended.

Cumulative Water Consumption