Dissolved Appointed Bodies

The following appointed bodies have either completed their task or have been dissolved.
Hayward City Hall

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Council Airport Standing Committee - The Council Airport Committee (CAC) was dissolved in late 2023. Prior to being dissolved the committee reviewed and considered policy recommendations related to: airport rates and charges for hangar rental, storage rental and operating permits; land use changes on Airport property; and other matters that affect airport users or the community at large. The body met quarterly on the 4th Thursday of the month (January, April, July, October) in the Airport Administration Building Meeting Room.

Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board - The primary duty of the Downtown Hayward Business Improvement Area (DBIA) Advisory Board was to submit an Annual Report to the City Council containing the following: proposed changes to the boundaries or the benefit zones of the BIA; proposed improvements and activities for the upcoming fiscal year; a budget for the proposed activities; and any proposed changes in the method and basis for levying the assessment. Once the City Council accepted the report, a public hearing was scheduled and held to consider the adoption of the BIA levy for that year.

Hayward RDA Successor Agency Oversight Board - The Hayward Redevelopment Agency officially dissolved on February 1, 2012 and was replaced with the Hayward Redevelopment Successor Agency in accordance with ABx1 26 and AB 1484. The Successor Agency oversees the winding down of all former redevelopment agency activities including the payment of enforceable obligations and disposition of former agency assets and properties, with the ultimate goal of dissolving the former Redevelopment Agency.

Community Task Force - On January 17, 2017, City officials established a limited term Community Task Force to address concerns locally for residents, elected officials and others about human rights, civil rights, and the safety of community members who face increased discrimination based on their political affiliation, economic status, place of origin, immigration status, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and other personal characteristics. The task force is comprised of community members who represent our diverse Hayward community. The Community Task Force members will assist staff with reviewing, evaluating, and updating the 1992 Hayward Anti-Discrimination Action Plan (ADAP) and will also play a key leadership role in facilitating community conversations to gather insights and experiences from our community about human relations issues. 

Downtown Specific Plan Task Force - The Downtown Specific Plan Task Force previously acted as a public voice representing a range of community interests. They provided guidance to the planning team at key points in the process that has since concluded. Their recommendations were advisory since the Task Force was not a decision-making body. The Task Force provided diverse and valuable input to the consultant team who drafted the Specific Plan and Code for the City.