ADAP Review Subcommittees

The taskforce members below have volunteered to work on updating the sections of the Action Plan based on feedback received at the community conversations.

Section I: Introduction and Guiding Principles

Lead Task Force Members: Sheila Burks
Subcommittee Members: Kristal Brister, Myra Feiger, Dione Lien, Vivian Phung, Randy Wright

Section II Part A: Strategies for Addressing Illegal Forms of Discrimination

Lead Taskforce Members: Freddye Davis and Rosaura Mendoza
Subcommittee Members: Kari McAllister, Ruben Martinez, Vivian Phung, Raj Singh, Veronica Solorio

Section II Part B: Strategies for Addressing Accessibility Issues

Lead Task Force Members: Giancarlo Scalise and Vivian Phung
Subcommittee Members: Sheila Burks, Mohammed Khan, and Ria Lancaster

Section II Part C: Strategies for Addressing Discriminatory Values & Attitudes

Lead Task Force Members: Sheila Burks and Ruben Martinez
Subcommittee Members: Myra Feiger, Ria Lancaster, Dione Lien, Linda Moore, Giancarlo Scalise, Veronica Solorio

Section III: Evaluation Metrics to Measure Success

Lead Task Force Members: Kari McAllister and Giancarlo Scalise
Subcommittee Members: Dione Lien, Linda Moore, Galilea Rios, Veronica Solorio

New Section: Community and Police Relations

Lead Task Force Members: Frank Burton and Freddye Davis
Subcommittee Members: Sheila Burks, Mohammed Khan, Dione Lien, Arzo Mehdavi, Rosaura Mendoza, Veronica Solorio, Vivian Phung

New Section: Sanctuary City 

Subcommittee Members: Sheila Burks, Frank Burton; Mohammed Khan, Rosaura Mendoza, Linda Moore, Galilea Rios, Raj Singh, Veronica Solorio, Corina Vasaure, Benjamin Leon Elenes, Julieta Martinez, and Zachariah Oquenda.

Read the 1992 Hayward Anti-Discrimination Action Plan (ADAP)