The Hayward People's Budget Voting Process

During the People's Budget process, community members submitted and voted on proposals to increase community connections in their neighborhoods.

The process ran from September 2021 - December 2023. We divided Hayward into six sectors for this process (scroll down to see the map). Each sector had a budget of $50,000-$70,000, depending on the population and income level of the sector. There were no restrictions on the type of proposals, as long as the project planned to connect neighbors and build community. The proposals with the top votes got funded! 


Congratulations to the top two ranked proposals in each sector, which are listed below. And thank you to the 1,117 community members who voted. To see the full results, click here.

Staff have met with these project teams over the past year to finalize budget and implementation plans, project updates can be found on the People's Budget main page. If there is remaining funding in a sector or if a project is deemed infeasible, we will contact the next highest vote getter. Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals! We appreciate your dedication to your community.

  • Sector 1 | 510 Night Market

  • Sector 1 | Palma Ceia Park Renovation

  • Sector 2 | Street Food Bonanza

  • Sector 2 | Roller and Inline Skating Event

  • Sector 3 | Stackfest

  • Sector 3 | Mental Health Camp for Teens

  • Sector 4 | English and Math Tutoring for ESL Students

  • Sector 4 | Tennyson Community Farm

  • Sector 5 | Tree Planting

  • Sector 5 | Pop up Community Garden

  • Sector 6 | Hazel Garden Community Connect

  • Sector 6 | Sun Gallery Community Space

Project History



September - October, 2021

Neighborhood Meetings and Delegate Recruitment: Residents were invited to learn about things happening in Hayward and hear about the participatory budgeting process. 

November, 2021

Delegate Kickoff: During November we hosted orientations and trainings to help your delegates conduct community outreach and draft proposals.

November 2021 - March, 2022

Brainstorming and Creation of Proposals: Community members shared ideas for their neighborhood. Neighborhood delegates conducted outreach to collect ideas for projects and gauge the interest level for each concept. Neighborhood delegates worked with City staff to create project proposals that reflected community input and could to be implemented within the timeframe. 

March 31, 2022Proposals Due 

April 11, 2022

Voting Guide Released

May 1-20, 2022

Community Voting: Residents age 10 and up voted in person at sites around Hayward or online. No registration or identification was needed. Voters were required to sign an affidavit to confirm age and residency.

2022 and 2023

Project Implementation: The projects with the most votes will happen throughout 2022 and 2023. Each project will have a volunteer project lead or a team of leads. Updates on each project can be found on the People's Budget main page.

Map of Votes Cast

Map showing dots of where people voted in Hayward.

Find Your Sector

The sectors below match census tract boundaries. We understand there are multiple neighborhoods in each sector. Community participants and voters decided how best to allocate the funding to build community in the neighborhoods throughout their sector. The budgeted amounts are based on each sector's population and mean per capita income.

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