Connecting to City water and sewer systems

The City must approve all new connections to the City’s water and sewer systems to make sure that the connections are safe and up to code. See the specifications below for constructions of water mains, fire hydrants, sewer mains, and appurtenances.

Please note that new water meters need to be installed before water service can be activated. To ensure that this work does not delay your project, you are encouraged to contact the City about connection to the water system early in the development process. Please contact the Development Review Specialist at or at (510) 583-4722.


To apply for a water connection:

  1. Submit a Water & Sewer Service Application on the ePermits Portal. If you prefer to submit an application in-person or receive a paper application, please contact Development Review Specialist at
  2. Staff will review your application and issue an invoice, if applicable. If the requested installation work is part of a building permit application, the fees will be paid in the building permit fees and the building permit is required to be issued prior to approval of the Water & Sewer Service Application. See current connection fees and installation fees.
  3. After the Water & Sewer Service Application is approved and the fees are paid, the City of Hayward Water Distribution personnel will begin scheduling work. Due to the high volume of applications, lead times for installation work is approximately 6-9 weeks from receipt of payment. 


To apply for a sewer connection:

  1. Before connecting to the City’s sewer system, applicants must apply for an Encroachment Permit.
  2. To pay for sewer connection fees, submit a Water & Sewer Service Application on the ePermits Portal. Staff will review your application and issue an invoice, if applicable. See current sewer connection fees here.
  3. After the Encroachment Permit has been issued and the sewer connection fees have been paid, the Applicant is responsible for installing the sanitary sewer lateral from the sewer main to the property.
  • For more information on sanitary sewer connection and septic tank removal, visit this webpage.

Standard Details & Specifications

  • Please download the latest copy of the City of Hayward Standard Details and specifications for water mains, fire hydrants, sewer mains, and appurtenances at the City of Hayward Engineering Division.
  • Water mains and services, including the meters, must be located at least ten (10) feet horizontally from and one (1) foot vertically above any parallel pipeline conveying untreated sewage (including sanitary sewer laterals), and at least four feet from and on foot vertically above any parallel pipeline conveying storm drainage, per the current California Waterworks Standards, Title 22, Chapter 16, Section 64572. The minimum horizontal separation distances can be reduced by using higher grade (i.e., pressure) piping materials.
  • Water meters and services are to be located a minimum of two feet from top of driveway flares as per City Standard Detail 213 (SD-213) through 218 (SD-218). Water meters shall not be located in the driveway. Water meter lids shall be Nicor, Inc.
  • All sewer mains and appurtenances shall be constructed in accordance with the City’s latest “Specifications for the Construction of Sewer Mains and Appurtenances,” revision at the time of permit approval.
  • Sewer cleanouts shall be installed on each sewer lateral at the connection with the building drain, at any change in alignment, and at uniform intervals not to exceed 100 feet. Manholes shall be installed in the sewer main at any change in direction or grade, at intervals not to exceed 400 feet, and at the upstream end of the pipeline. Where sanitary sewer lines and/or laterals are the same size as the sanitary sewer line, the connection must be made with a manhole.


What do the water system installation and connection fees cover?

  • The water system installation and connection fees cover all the materials and labor costs to connect from the water main up to the water meter and meter box set in the public right-of-way. Water meters are typically set at the back of sidewalk curb.
  • The Applicant is responsible for connecting water service from the meter to the building. The water connection is required to be completed by a licensed plumber. A plumbing permit from the Building Division is required.
  • For work requiring Time & Materials Deposits, the deposit amount will be calculated based on the sizes of proposed water services and estimated costs of labor, equipment, and materials. The Applicant/Developer will be billed based on actual costs of materials, equipment, and labor used to complete the work. If actual costs are less than the deposit amount, the Applicant/Developer will receive a refund in the amount of the unused deposit. If actual costs exceed the deposit amount, the Applicant/ Developer will receive an invoice in the amount of the overage. The Applicant/Developer shall be responsible for all excess charges over the deposit.