Homeless response resource guide

Homelessness is a growing local and regional crisis.  The City of Hayward, along with our partner organizations, are actively developing and supporting initiatives to address these issues and the impact they have on the residential and business community. This guide provides information the public can use to access the available resources and programs.

  1. What is the City of Hayward doing to address homelessness?

According to the 2022 PIT count, from 2019 and 2022, there was a 22% decrease in homelessness in Hayward, with 487 total homeless in 2019 to 381 total homeless in 2022. The 22% decrease in homelessness in Hayward Across Alameda County, there was a 22% increase in homelessness. While there are too many external factors outside of local control that influence homelessness, Hayward’s investment of local resources and supportive policy has likely contributed to this downward trend. 

The City of Hayward has long identified homelessness and housing affordability as key issues in the community and has supported local efforts to address these issues in conjunction with larger regional efforts. The City of Hayward approved its own local Homelessness Reduction Strategic Plan in July 2021. The plan draws on best practices, aligns with relevant Alameda County framework and plans, and can be found online at https://www.hayward-ca.gov/lets-house-hayward

In November 2019, the City opened its first Navigation Center. Since opening, the City has opened a second Navigation Center, and together these programs have permanently housed more than 100 previously homeless Hayward residents.

In Fiscal Year 2022-2023, the City allocated $7.5 million in federal Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to addressing the homelessness crisis. This is in addition to an annual $1.5 million contribution in City General Funds to the Hayward Navigation Center, as well as approximately $300,000 - $500,000 in City General Funds/Community Development Block Grant funds awarded to housing and homeless nonprofits through the City’s annual Community Agency Funding process.

  1. Someone is camped around my business/home but not on my property. Can the City move them? Who can I contact?

Yes, the City can move individuals and their encampments that pose a public health or safety concern or impede public use of sidewalks, bus stops and other public facilities.

If you would like to report an encampment, please enter this request through Access Hayward.  City staff from Maintenance Services, Police, Fire, Code Enforcement, Airport, Utilities & Environmental Services, and City Manager’s Office meet on a bi-weekly basis to review requests for abatement.

The City can have its nonprofit homeless outreach teams conduct outreach and encourage individuals to access services. Outreach teams currently conduct outreach throughout Hayward. If there is a specific location you would like outreach at, please email navcenter.referrals@hayward-ca.gov. Outreach teams will connect with individuals and offer services to those who may be interested.

If you see signs of human waste, drug paraphernalia, fire, or other circumstances raising a public health or safety concern associated with an encampment, please contact Hayward Police Department. Please enter this request through Access Hayward. Your request will be responded to within 24 hours.

  1. Someone is camped on my property. Can the City move them? Who can I contact?

Please contact Hayward Police Department to assist with moving someone. Please enter this request through Access Hayward.   

If your property is currently vacant, contact the District Command Unit at (510) 293-5051 and schedule an appointment to get a “no-trespass” letter filed, which are solely for vacant properties. If the property owner has a no-trespass letter signed by the owner, then Hayward Police Department can issue a citation for trespassing. Please note, a no-trespass letter must be renewed every six months.

If your property is not vacant, you can place no-trespass signs on your property. These signs allow Hayward Police Department to request any trespassing individuals to leave the property. If an individual refuses to leave, Hayward Police Department can issue a citation for trespassing, however as the property owner (and victim of the trespassing offense) you must approve this citation.

  1. Can the City arrest people who are camping on my private property?

Yes. If your property is vacant and you have filed a no-trespass letter with the City of Hayward, then the Police Department can arrest any trespassers located on your property. If your property is not vacant and you have placed no-trespassing signs, you must additionally approve the arrest of any trespassing individuals prior to Hayward Police Department issuing a citation.  

  1. How can I make my property more secure from crime?

Please contact the Hayward Police Department for a free Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review and assessment. For more information:

Email: HaywardPDCPU@hayward-ca.gov

Crime Prevention Offices: (510) 293-5051

Additional information can be found online here: bit.ly/COH-CPTED

  1. What if someone is having a mental health crisis?

If someone is having an active mental health crisis, you can contact the Hayward Police Department by contacting 9-1-1.  The City of Hayward recently launched the Mobile Evaluation Team (MET), which pairs a Hayward police officer with an Alameda County behavior health clinician. The MET can respond to mental health calls during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm). During non-business hours, Hayward Police Department will respond.

You can also contact the Alameda County Mobile Health Crisis Unit. The Mobile Health Crisis Unit operates 10am-8pm, Monday – Friday and can be reached at 1 (800) 491-9099.

  1. How can I refer someone to services?

You can refer someone by calling 2-1-1, the Alameda Countywide information and referral system. 2-1-1 connects callers with health, housing, and human services in their community. 2-1-1 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in over 300 languages. All calls are confi­dential.

You can also direct individuals to the Bay Area Community Services (BACS) Housing Resource Center, located at 590 B Street. This center coordinates County and local resources to connect high-needs individuals with housing.

Phone: (510) 247-8235
Drop-in Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1pm - 4 pm
  1. Why are people experiencing homelessness allowed to loiter in public areas like the downtown and parks?

Individuals experiencing homelessness have the same rights as everyone and are allowed to be in public areas. Merely resting, sleeping, or standing in a particular area is not illegal. The activity becomes unlawful if illegal behavior or actions are taken. For example, possession of an open container of alcohol, public urination or defecation, lying or sitting as to obstruct the right-of-way, camping, or other activity that is prohibited or illegal. If you observe these or other potentially illegal behaviors, please call the Police Department’s non-emergency line at (510) 293-7272.  If you witness an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

  1. What if I witness a crime?

If you witness a crime being committed, regardless of someone’s housing status, you should report it to Hayward Police Department dispatch by calling 9-1-1.

  1. What if I want to report on these issues, but want to remain anonymous?

You can remain anonymous and make a report via Access Hayward.

  1. Who is responsible for the trash left on my private property from encampments?

If there is trash or debris left on your property, please contact Code Enforcement via Access Hayward:

Access Hayward pathway:

► Community Appearance – Neighborhoods – City Codes

► Homeless Encampment – Private Property

  1. Who is responsible for the trash left around my private property from encampments?  

If there is trash or debris left on public right of way nearby your property, please contact Maintenance Services via Access Hayward:

Access Hayward pathway:

► Streets, Sidewalks & Lights

► Homeless Encampment – Public Property

  1. What other resources can I reach out to regarding trash or security concerns in the downtown?

If you are a downtown property owner and would like to connect with the managers of the Downtown Hayward Improvement Association regarding the services they provide to members, you can contact their offices at:

DHIA – Main Office
Phone: (510) 556-1278
  1. As a resident or business owner, how can I help the City address homelessness?

We encourage you to stay updated on what is going on at the City of Hayward. You can subscribe to The Stack, the official newsletter of the City of Hayward, here: https://www.hayward-ca.gov/the-stack.

If you are interested in supporting efforts to address this growing crisis, we encourage you to research organizations that support these efforts locally.-

The above scenarios provide responses to common situations.

If you have additional questions, please contact: the Community Services Division | communityservices@hayward-ca.gov