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City of Hayward economic recovery programs earn international recognition

October 5, 2023

Photo of Economic Development staff holding awards certificates.

HAYWARD, Calif., Oct. 5, 2023—The City of Hayward earned two prestigious international awards for outstanding post-pandemic economic recovery initiatives from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

The IEDC is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization dedicated to serving economic developers worldwide. With a membership of over 4,500 individuals representing public and private organizations across the United States and countries across the globe, IEDC is the largest membership organization for economic developers in the world. IEDC’s independent panel of judges evaluated over 580 award entries before making award determinations. 

The City of Hayward was acknowledged and received a Silver Award in the Resiliency, Recovery & Mitigation category, and a Bronze Award in Economic Equity & Inclusion category at the IEDC 2023 Annual Conference last month.

“The City of Hayward has raised the bar for excellence in economic development with its Together for Hayward Point of Sale Program and Together for Hayward Restaurant Relaunch and Restore & Re-Open Program. These awards are a testament to City of Hayward’s dedication to its residents and serves as a great example of how economic development can help transform a community for the better,” said Nathan Ohle, IEDC President and CEO. “It is IEDC’s honor and privilege to present City of Hayward with this award and recognize its leadership and innovation in the field of economic development.”

Together for Hayward Point of Sale Program earned a Bronze Award for its approach to economic equity and inclusion. This program provided small businesses with a grant of up to $800 towards the purchase and set-up of a new digital point-of-sale system. According to Forbes, upgrading to modern point-of-sale systems enhances a business’ productivity and increases earnings. Through this program, 44 businesses were able to purchase new systems that can now accept credit cards, including the Together for Hayward eGift cards. Of those, 41 of the businesses were minority-owned and/or women-owned businesses. This unique program allowed small independent businesses to bridge the digital divide and meet customer expectations for post-COVID contactless payment experiences and online ordering options via third-party delivery services. The point-of-sale program was an innovative economic development solution that positively impacted small independent businesses within the City of Hayward.

Together for Hayward Restaurant Relaunch and Restore & Re-Open Program earned a Silver Award. This program assisted with improvements to building facades to update the look and feel of the business.  The initiative revitalized 34 small businesses by updating building facades, signage, creating inviting outdoor dining spaces, and refreshing interiors. Focused on post-COVID safety, the program helped businesses communicate a commitment to patrons that dining in is now safe. This strategic effort not only elevated aesthetics but also fostered a renewed sense of vibrancy and confidence in the local dining scene.

To learn more about economic development at the City of Hayward, visit the Economic Development Division webpage here on the City of Hayward website.

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