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Hayward mask mandate for fully vaccinated members of public when inside City facilities ending Monday, March 7

March 1, 2022

Hayward City Hall on a bright sunny day


The details in this story were updated on Monday, Mar. 7, 2022. You can read the newly updated article on our website here ►

Effective Monday, March 7, the wearing of masks or other face-coverings will no longer be required of members of the public who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when inside City of Hayward facilities, the City announced today.

Members of the public not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will continue to be required to wear masks or other face-coverings when inside City facilities until further notice in compliance with the current Alameda County public health order.

Additionally, Alameda County public health officials continue to strongly encourage the wearing of masks when inside public spaces regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, especially when unvaccinated individuals may be present.

The City of Hayward is continuing to take measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission in City Hall, Hayward Public Library and all other City facilities—including the requiring of the wearing of masks and twice-weekly coronavirus testing of employees who are unvaccinated or who decline to disclose their vaccination status.

Similarly, the City continues to hold public meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission and other municipal bodies in a manner that provides for online attendance and participation via the Zoom webinar platform.

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