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High Impact Traffic Team (HITT) Operation held in Hayward

June 6, 2023

Last month, the Hayward PD Traffic Division hosted a HITT operation with eight other local agencies.

This collaborative multi-agency effort focused on saturating high collision and complaint areas, and included an emphasis on violations to speeding, cell phone usage, and failing to stop at stop signs. Statistics have shown that issuing citations is the most effective way to positively affect driving behaviors such as speeding, which is why you will see below that few “warnings” were issued.

We are committed to making the roads safer in Hayward and want to give a special thank you to our partner agencies who helped with this operation.

Listed below are the statistics from the day:

Officers present: 23
Arrests: 3
Warrants: 1
Vehicles Towed: 10
Total Citations Issued: 236
Warnings: 3