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Mural on D Street

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Current All Call: Stack Center Murals

The City of Hayward is inviting applications from artists to design and paint two murals on the outside of the Matt Jimenez Community Center (MJCC), the future site of the Stack Youth and Family Center. Submissions for the murals will be reviewed by a Selection Committee of community members from South Hayward, non-profit partners, and city staff members.

Applications are due by 5pm on Monday, October 2, 2023. 

Please read the description below before applying. We encourage artists to watch the videos on the main page and about page of the Stack Center website to get more context about the full project.

Online Application


One of the most requested community features for the new Stack Center has been public art that reflects the local culture and history. The themes for the two murals were identified by neighborhood youth during a five-month participatory design process. In addition to the themes below, participants expressed a desire for vibrancy, a cohesive balance between urban city and nature, inspirational quotes, full color (rather than large white spaces), references to cultural heritage and "roots", and references to native materials and native plants. Artists are not required to incorporate all of these elements into their proposals, but are encouraged to consider them. 

The budget for Mural 1 is $45,000 and the budget for Mural 2 is $70,000. 

Mural 1: Roughly 575 square feet (see below for an image), this mural should depict community members thriving through a diverse range of multi-cultural recreational opportunities. These activities should include various sports to tie into the gymnasium that is inside, but should also include other arts and crafts from different cultures in Hayward. This mural will be on the east face of the Matt Jimenez Community Center facing Tennyson Park. This is currently the back of the center. However, the renovation of the MJCC this spring will convert the east side of the MJCC into the entryway into the gym and add lighting and a community event plaza.

Mural 2: Roughly 1,220 square feet (see below for an image), this mural should depict food heritages from around the world and people making and interacting with food, possibly including food vendors. This theme will tie into the commercial kitchen that is inside and will be near the kitchen entrance on the south face of the MJCC facing Panjon Street. The youth advisory group suggested using food (such as alphabet soup) to spell out a quote or affirmation, such as "you belong here." This is not a mural requirement, but will be considered when reviewing applications. Note that this mural will be on a second story and will require a boom lift. The artist is responsible for procuring the boom lift. 


  • The work must be complete no later than December 31, 2023, with reasonable delays due to major weather events. 
  • Artists may apply for one mural or both of the murals together. If an artists is selected for both murals, that artist must commit to having the both works done by December 31, 2023.
  • Artists are responsible for all materials, weatherproofing, and installing an anti-graffiti coating. 
  • Selected artists must provide a W9 and proof of general liability insurance coverage to become a City vendor. 
  • Additional consideration will be given for artists who are willing to allow/incorporate community participation at certain points during the mural process.


The murals are funded through a Clean California grant that the City received through Caltrans to clean and beautify public spaces in underserved communities. The $2.647 million grant will also fund major external improvements like sustainably designed landscaping and a new community events plaza.  

The full Stack Center campus will encompass the existing Matt Jimenez and Eden Youth and Family Centers and is the culmination of a decades-long dream to create a neighborhood anchor that will be a cultural center, service hub, and economic catalyst. Phase I construction will begin in the next few months. 


If you have questions about this application, you can email or call 510-583-4227.

Mural 1 Details

Mural 2 Details