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The Public Works - Engineering and Transportation Department is organized into six divisions: Administration, Design/Development Services, Construction Services, Transportation, Survey, and the Executive Airport. The Department is responsible for providing engineering and transportation support to City operating departments and divisions and for implementation of the City’s Capital Improvement Program. The Department is also charged with providing oversight to and support of daily Airport operations.
Studying The Hayward Fault
Beginning August 12, 2013, USGS scientists and volunteers will be in Hayward area neighborhoods. They will be deploying seismic instruments to record ground movement during the upcoming implosion of CSU’s Warren Hall. The collected data will help these scientists understand the geology around the Hayward fault and better prepare for future earthquakes. The USGS field crews will be wearing USGS identification and will be traveling in vehicles with clearly visible USGS logo placards. The USGS press release from June 19th can be viewed at: USGS Website

The seismographs are fairly small and will be deployed in rings centered on Warren Hall and on a line from the San Francisco Bay shoreline through Warren Hall to Dublin. Here is a picture of the seismograph and a picture of a USGS crew person deploying one in the field. For most sites (like residential yards), a shallow hole in the ground is not necessary.

Hayward BART Station Construction

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Main Street (between B and C Streets)     Corner of Main and C Street
Citywide replacement of over 7,700 high pressure sodium streetlights (HPS) to light emitting diode (LED) is now underway. The project is funded through a California Energy Commission (CEC) loan. On March 19, City Council awarded the project to Tanko Lighting of San Francisco. The project commenced in early May, with an initial audit phase identifying locations and characteristics of the City’s existing streetlights. Installation of the new fixtures began in early July and is expected to be completed by October 2013. Installation began in the southeast section of the City between Whipple and Mission, will move northward, and will end in the northern section of the City between Hesperian and Foothill.

Major benefits of the project include a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a potential of a 60% reduction in energy costs, and a major savings in maintenance costs. In addition, the public will notice an improvement in the color and quality of light throughout the City. The CEC loan will be repaid through the energy savings, resulting in no upfront cost to the City. The expected rebates from PG&E will allow the City to address other lighting needs such as on B Street, City Hall Plaza, the municipal parking lots, and overpasses on major arterials.

In addition, a separate analysis will be undertaken of several neighborhoods where staff has received complaints and inquiries about the need for additional lighting. Contractor will assess current lighting levels and recommend additional improvements that should be made after initial LED installation. Streets to be affected are South Garden Avenue, Peterman Avenue, Eldridge Avenue, the end of Calhoun Street, area north of Tennyson Road, Pacific Street/Cole Place, and Central Boulevard.

The City has been recognized as a regional leader in the effort to convert its streetlights to LEDs and has been asked on several occasions to highlight its efforts in this area. On April 19, staff made a presentation to the California Green Energy Summit in Sacramento on the City’s Clean and Green energy initiatives. Public Works Director Morad Fakhrai outlined the City’s extensive efforts relative to LED Streetlight replacement projects. Mr. Fakhrai noted that the Citywide LED replacement project complements other City efforts to convert all of its streetlights to LED. Past efforts have included 800 streetlights in the Mission-Foothill corridor as part of the Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project, and about 200 on Tennyson Road, Jackson Street, C Street, and Main Street. Once this project is complete, the City will have converted over 8,000 HPS to LED. This puts Hayward in the leading pack in the Bay Area relative to the percentage of streetlights converted to LED, making Hayward one of the largest in the State in that category.

For a Project Map and Installation Schedule: CLICK HERE
For Weekly Installation Maps in completed areas: CLICK HERE
For Weekly Installation Maps in proposed areas: CLICK HERE
For FAQs about the project: CLICK HERE

Mission Boulevard (Route 238) Phase 2
The Mission Blvd (Route 238) Phase 2 project will make improvements to 1.5 miles of Mission Boulevard between Industrial Parkway and the southern Hayward/Union City boundary (approximately 400 feet south of Blanche Street). The key improvements are:
  • Install new pavement
  • Construct new sidewalk where sidewalk is missing and repair and reconstruct existing sidewalk
  • Provide new median landscaping
  • Install new fencing on the west side of Mission Blvd from Blanche St to the golf course
  • Upgrade intersections to comply with ADA accessibility standards
  • Install new LED street lights and new fiber optic lines
  • Underground existing overhead utility lines
  • Install new traffic signals at Rousseau St and Blanche St, and improve existing traffic signals
  • Install gateway monument at Blanche St.
Currently, the project is in the design phase. The City entered into an agreement with BKF Engineers for the preparation of the design plans. The staff report authorizing the City Manager to execute a professional services agreement with BKF Engineers can be found here.

A community informational meeting was held on November 12, 2015 at the Fairway Park Baptist Church. The presentation can be viewed here.

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