City Government

Hayward City Council to hear AC Transit bus network realignment proposals

November 6, 2023

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) representatives are scheduled to appear at the Hayward City Council meeting Tuesday night to present bus network realignment proposals currently under consideration by the AC Transit Board of Directors.

The AC Transit Realign project is intended to adjust AC Transit bus routes and frequency of service to new travel patterns, demand and funding realities.  According to the transit agency, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a historic decline in ridership and associated fare revenue.  Though AC Transit sought and received federal relief funds to keep bus lines in operation, ridership has not returned to pre-pandemic levels and relief funds will soon be exhausted.

On Nov. 1, the AC Transit Board of Directors unanimously approved continuing design and planning work on two all-new draft service scenarios for the future of the AC Transit bus network. The first proposal, called the "Balanced Coverage" scenario, is described as maintaining the current network largely intact with modifications to 20 bus lines to enhance reliability.  The second proposal, called the "Frequent Service" scenario, is described as making more line changes and shifting coverage from areas with lowest ridership to areas of higher demand.

The AC Transit presentation at the Hayward City Council on Tuesday evening has been scheduled as an opportunity for the agency to receive additional feedback on realignment planning from Hayward elected leaders and community members.

To learn more about AC Transit Realign and provide input, visit the project here on the AC Transit website.