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Hayward Police Department's Investigative Division recognized for implementing national forensic standards

February 3, 2023


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Officer Cassondra Fovel


Hayward Police Department’s Investigative Division recognized for implementing national forensic standards

HAYWARD, Calif., February 3, 2023 – The Hayward Police Department Investigations Division was nationally recognized as a “Registry Implementer” for its high-quality standards and practices in forensic science by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sponsored Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC). 

As summarized by NIST, OSAC’s focus is to, “strengthen the nation’s use of forensic science by facilitating the development and promoting the use of high-quality, technically sound standards. These standards define minimum requirements, best practices, standard protocols, and other guidance to help ensure that the results of forensic analysis are reliable and reproducible.”

OSAC recognizes those who implement the approved standards on the OSAC registry, as this implementation improves consistency across all forensic science disciplines and increases confidence and accuracy of a forensic science service provider’s (FSSP) outputs. This will also subsequently improve credibility of the FSSP’s expert testimony in the courtroom setting.

“We congratulate the Hayward Police Department Criminal Investigations Division for joining the growing list of agencies implementing the high-quality standards on the OSAC Registry into their operations. This commitment to quality by embracing national standards should provide confidence to Hayward Police Department’s stakeholders that they are basing their forensic science analyses on a sound foundation. We look forward to working with the Hayward Police Department as an OSAC Implementer as we continue to add standards to the OSAC Registry and enhance the practice of forensic science in the United States,” said John Paul Jones II, OSAC Program Manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Acting Chief Bryan Matthews weighed in as well, saying, “While the Investigations Division as a whole has received this certificate, Heather Pulford, our Department’s Certified Latent Print Examiner, has been an integral part of this registry process. Heather has always ensured the implementation of the highest standards in the field of forensic sciences and is exceptional in her profession. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and strong sense of duty within her specialty has played an instrumental role, not just in ensuring professional forensic science standards within law enforcement, but also in solving crimes and bringing resolution to numerous criminal investigations. We are extremely grateful to have Heather as part of our investigative team.”

We are honored to have received this certificate. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to serving the Hayward community to the best of our ability with the highest of standards as our priority.

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