Legislative Program

The California State Capitol building in Sacramento

About the Legislative Program

The City's legislative program helps provide drirection to staff and the City's legislative advocates in Sacramento and Washington D.C. The program informs interested parties of the City's stances on any peice of legislation, state-wide referenda, grant funding opportunity, or local/regional ballot measure. Additionally, this program serves as a basis for action regarding any piece of federal or state legislation or funding opportunity. 

The City Council priorities of Safe, Clean, Green, and Thriving, supported by Fiscal Sustainability and Organizational Health, serve as the general guiding principles for Hayward's legislative priorities. 

The Legislative Program provides two foundational principals: 

Enhancing Revenue Sources

  • The City supports the protection or expansion of federal, state, and local funding sources that provide revenue to the City.
  • The City opposes any federal or state legislation, policites, programs, referenda, unfunded mandates, and budgets that have an adverse impact on the City's ability to provide adequate programs, projects, and services. 

Maintaining Home Rule Authority

  • The City supports any legislation, policies, referenda, and budgets that maintain or improve local regulatory control and authority. 
  • The City opposes any legislation, policies, referenda, and budgets that undermind or circumvent the City Charter.

Additionally, the Legislative Program provides specific public policy positions regarding the following:

  • Public Safety
  • Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Envrionmental Sustainability
  • Finance & Human Resources
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Educational, Neighborhood & Social Services

The City Council adopted the City's Legislative Program on July 11, 2017. You can find a copy of the Legislative Program below. 

Adopted Legislative Program

2017 City Legislative Stances

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