Tree Preservation Ordinance Update Project

Photo of B street lined with trees

Background Information

The Planning Division is currently working with an outside consultant to update various chapters of the Municipal Code related to preserving significant existing trees. 

Project Description

The Tree Preservation Ordinance update will focus on the following: 

  • Updating purposes and goals to be aligned with current climate action goals of the City
  • Eliminating the ambiguity in the ordinance
  • Bringing flexibility to tree permit and replacement practices to benefit overall City environment
  • Adding supplemental information to address new tree planting and existing tree preservation in the Hayward Executive Airport districts to eliminate hazardous air traffic conditions. 


The Planning Division hired Dudek to help conduct outreach and engagement and to prepare a Draft Update of the Tree Preservation Ordinance. To date, the City has conducted stakeholder meetings and a general survey open to the public between October 2023 and January 2024. The City will also conduct a series of work sessions with the Airport Committee, the Council Sustainability Committee, and City Council to allow stakeholders and the public additional opportunities to provide input and feedback prior to introducing the ordinance to City Council.


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Staff anticipates that a Draft Ordinance will be available for public review in fall of 2024.

Staff Contact

For more information, please contact Theo Spores or Peter Jensen, Landscape Architects for the City of Hayward, at and