Your gift-giving dollar goes further with Hayward e-gift card program starting Nov. 1

October 11, 2022

The Together for Hayward e-gift card program is turning one-year-old and is celebrating by introducing bigger BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One Free) promotions and a new promotional contest.

Since the program’s launch by the Hayward Economic Development Division last November, community members have purchased $134,000 in Together for Hayward e-gift cards and have used them at 63 of 88 local Hayward participating businesses.

The Together for Hayward e-gift card program was initiated to help increase sales for local retailers, restaurants, and service and entertainment businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic while also benefiting consumers and giving a boost the local economy.

The e-gift cards can be purchased on the City of Hayward's gift card page, which includes a list of participating businesses.  Cards purchased can be redeemed at any participating Hayward business.  The digital nature of the cards allows customers to use the original and added promotional bonus value themselves or gift all or a portion of the value to others via text or email.

Under the new promotional campaign starting Nov. 1, customers who buy a $50 card get an additional $25 in bonus value.  Customers who buy a $75 card get an additional $40 bonus, while buyers of a $100 card will receive an additional $100 bonus.

In addition, each week starting Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, the Economic Development Division will pull one email address of a e-gift card buyer and send them an additional $50 gift card.