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Hayward students enlisted to combat litter with #HaywardShines

March 5, 2016

In 2015, the City of Hayward was awarded an EPA Water Quality Improvement Grant to clean up trash out of the storm drains, preventing trash from flowing to the San Francisco Bay. This grant is a four-year project including installing trash capture devices in the storm sewer itself and providing outreach on pollution to Hayward’s local schools. As part of the outreach to schools, the City will host a “Hayward Shines” contest once a year where students grades 1-12th grade and their school can compete against each other.

How do they win?

The student and overall school that photographs and picks up the most pieces of trash on Hayward’s streets wins the cash. To participate, students need to download the free Litterati app on their mobile device, post photos of trash on the streets, and throw the trash in the garbage. The contest will run for one month (March 5th through April 5, 2016) and the winners will be determined in April and awarded the cash. An award will be given to the most creative photo as well so, students with an artistic flare should enjoy this contest and potentially a win a cash prize.

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