Police Department

SDU investigates shooting series that leads to arrest

June 14, 2023

Our Special Duty Unit (SDU) investigated a series of shootings that led to a man with prior illegal gun possession and felony evasion charges.

Of these prior cases, in multiple county jurisdictions, three were within the last two months, and he was taken into custody after fleeing from officers each time.

During the most recent investigation, SDU wrote a search warrant for the man’s residence in Oakland, which was approved and executed. Given the man’s history, it is probably not a surprise to learn that a loaded handgun was recovered, along with marijuana packaged for illegal sales, ammunition, and numerous handgun and rifle magazines.

The man was arrested and fortunately, he did not try to flee in a car or run away. Two other adults were at the home during the search and were also taken into custody; one had arrest warrants for an unrelated investigation, and another tried to run away when officers arrived on scene.

Thanks to the diligent work and safe tactics used by SDU and other officers who helped with the search, this incident was peacefully resolved.