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Hayward rescinds local curfew following enactment of county-wide measure

June 2, 2020

HAYWARD, Calif., June 2, 2020—Hayward City Manager Kelly McAdoo rescinded on Tuesday a City curfew following enactment of a similarly worded county-wide emergency order by Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern.

The county-wide emergency curfew order is in effect until Friday, June 5, and requires people within the County of Alameda, including Hayward, to stay indoors from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Like the City curfew enacted Monday and rescinded today, the Alameda County order is in response to vandalism, looting, and violence that has taken place after dark following peaceful and lawful demonstrations and protests in Hayward, around the Bay Area and the nation over the killing of George Floyd in the custody of four Minneapolis, Minn. Police officers.

Exemptions from the county curfew requirement to remain indoors from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. include:

  • Police officers, firefighters and other City employees engaged in authorized emergency operations, and other personnel deployed by the City, County and other governmental agencies;
  • Individuals traveling to a home or workplace or to obtain medical assistance;
  • Authorized representatives of any news service, newspaper, radio or television station or network, or other news media organization; and
  • People experiencing homelessness

In rescinding the City’s curfew, City Manager McAdoo and Hayward Police Chief Toney Chaplin reiterated that the purpose and intent of the original Hayward order was to help maintain public safety while preserving community rights to lawfully demonstrate, protest and demand accountability and change.

During county curfew hours, the City Manager and Police Chief added, Hayward police will prioritize education over enforcement for the duration of the order.  They also emphasized that any application of the curfew in Hayward would be consistent with the City’s sanctuary city declaration and administrative rule, requiring equitable treatment of all persons regardless of immigration status and barring use of City resources in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Chief Chaplin said Hayward police had been stretched thin by looting, vandalism and violence on Sunday night and continuing Monday night as multiple groups of individuals came to the Hayward community to break into local businesses, steal, cause damage, and threaten residents.

They attempted to break in to Southland Mall and targeted and looted multiple electronics, convenience stores, and pharmacies across the City and a gun shop, making off with weapons and ammunition.

A copy of the Alameda County emergency curfew is available online here on the County of Alameda website.

Download the full press release.