Community Task force Members

The task force members are listed below in alphabetical order
(Bios and photos are coming soon)
The Community Task Force is made up of Hayward residents recommended by Council and appointed by the Mayor and City Manager. Criteria used for recommending potential task force members and ultimate selection of members include Hayward community members that: A. Reflect a diverse representation of the Hayward community relative to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, and age, and/or, B. Have a historical knowledge of the Hayward community, and/or, C. Are active members of the Hayward community and have a vested interest in contributing to viable solutions to local resident’s concerns about human rights and human relations, and/or, D. Are a member of the Youth Commission, Personnel Commission or the Community Services Commission, and/or E. Agreed to the time commitment required to complete the work of the taskforce.
  • Kristal Brister - Community Member
  • Sheila Burks - Community Member
  • Frank Burton - Community Member
  • Freddye Davis - Community Member
  • Kevin Dowling - Community Member
  • Myra Feiger - Community Member
  • Mohammed Khan - Community Member
  • Ria Lancaster - Community Member
  • Dione Lien - Community Member
  • Ruben Martinez  - Community Member
  • Kari McAllister - Community Member
  • Arzo Mehdavi - Community Services Commissioner
  • Rosaura Mendoza - Community Member
  • Linda Moore - Community Services Commissioner
  • Vivian Phung - Youth Commissioner
  • Galilea Rios - Community Member
  • Giancarlo Scalise - Personnel Commission
  • Raj Singh - Community Member
  • Veronica Solorio - Community Member
  • Randy Wright - Community Member