Vacant buildings can be a source of blight in both residential and non-residential neighborhoods, especially if these buildings are not properly maintained. Even one vacant building which is not actively maintained and managed can become a burden to the community, becoming the core and cause of spreading blight. The City of Hayward now requires that neglected vacant properties be registered with the Code Enforcement Division's Vacant Property Monitoring Program so that we may work in partnership with property owners to ensure our City's standards are met and maintained. 

The Vacant Property Monitoring Program was created to ensure that vacant properties remains secure and properly maintained. Effective October 29, 2019, Hayward Council adopted Article 29- Vacant Property Ordinance, of the Hayward Municipal Code. The monitoring and inspection program governed by this article is specific to all vacant properties, vacant lots, and structures thereon not in compliance with minimum standards established under the ordinance.

These standards listed in PART 2 - Maintenance and Security Standards, include:

Properties non-compliant with standards established by Vacant Porperty Ordiance are required to register pursuant to Sec. 10-29.120 of the adopted Vacant Building Ordinance.


Owners of vacant properties are required to annually register each vacant property non-compliant with the established minimum standards, owned. This includes payment of the Vacant Program Monitoring fee per parcel. Registration information is mailed to property owners based on information provided by the Alameda County Assessor's Officer. Registration is used toconfirm property ownership  and collect contact information for necessary correspondence and emergency response. If you recieved a Vacant Property Registration Notice, your property has been identified as non-compliant with the established standards and subject to annual registration under the Vacant Property Monitoring Program.

To register your property, you may download the Vacant Property Registration from HERE. If you are not able to download the required registration form, please contact us at (510) 583-4143 or to have it mailed or emailed to you.


The Vacant Property Monitoring Program collects fees to help recover the costs of the program administration and operational costs:

  • Annual Vacant Property Registration and Monitoring Fee, $2,550.00

  • Initial Inspection, Violation Found, $1,500.00

  • 2nd Re-Inspection, Violation Found, $3,000.00

  • 3rd & Subsequent Re-Inspection(s), Violation Found, $5,000.00

  • Re-Inspection Fee, No Violation Found, $500.00

  • Any Required Inspections After the Initial Inspection Greater Than Three Hours Will be Assessed an Hourly Code Enforcement Inspection Fee, $200.00 per hour

  • Request for Administrative Hearing Fee, $946.00

  • Special Assessment/Lien Fee, $1,811.00

  • All fees and costs associated with Police, Fire, and Mutual Aid Responses.